Content Marketing Automation – A Profitable and Productive Way to Meet the Content Needs

Content Marketing Automation – A Profitable and Productive Way to Meet the Content Needs (Case Study)

Of late, numerous b2b companies are embracing ContentMarketing Automation platforms as they provide a serious boost to content marketing endeavors. Content Marketing Automation not only bridges the gap between content marketing and marketing automation software but also produces better results by providing a perspective on the buyer’s journey. It helps marketers to understand it from the very beginning to the end.With increased ROI and better customer reach, companies are using Content Marketing Automation to increase their customer base as well.

With content marketing automation platforms, companies can now store data from each and every customer interaction as it’s easier to understand the type of people interacting with the content. Companies already using the content marketing automation software has seen amazing results in the last couple of years as content coupled with marketing automation software can easily amplify the success of relationship-building efforts.

Content marketing automation maximizes the potential of content marketing by:

  • Strategically presenting a full content experience consisting of all your blog posts, videos, eBooks, and social channels
  • Generating leads by serving contextual Calls-to-Action to your audience
  • Tracking and scoring lead behavior within the content experience and funneling this information to your marketing automation software and lead nurturing campaigns

Content Marketing Automation Statistics:-

  • Companies implementing content marketing automation processes produce 10% increase in revenue in six to nine months.
  • Numerous companies have witnessed increasing sales revenues at an average of 34%.
  • Companies using content marketing automation experience 53% higher conversion rates and 3.1% higher revenue growth rate annually compared to non-users.
  • On an average, 49% of companies are currently using content marketing automation, with more than half of B2B companies (55%) adopting the technology.
  • The content marketing automation market is predicted to reach $15.3 billion by 2019, with an average annual growth rate of 19.7%.

Case Studies of Content Marketing Automation:


From blogs, newsletters, emails, white papers to website content, eBooks and infographics, Easnosys help clients not just to grow leads but also delight customers with their effective content marketing automation services. Whether it’s a drip email or long- form content, Esanosys provides a stop solution to all the content needs.


Kapost is known for its world-class editorial management tools. It lets marketers organize their content seamlessly. It has top-notch publishing tools, a distribution network, and impeccable analytics.


They let clients connect the content plans with the rest of their marketing initiatives. With a centralized system,clients can coordinate their global content efforts, deliver better marketing results, and deepen the customer relationships. Percolate allows clients to streamline and standardize content marketing processes across teams and channels.Also, clients can plan upcoming content initiatives, execute existing projects or share completed works using only one system that keeps everyone aligned and on track.

Automation is the future of content creation. If a business uses proper tools for sharing and managing the content, it will not only help them to enhance their social media presence but also build an effective online reputation in the competitive B2B market.