Creative Services

Creative Services
Landing Page
The bounce rate of any site reflects the nature of the landing page. It reinforces the brand value of the business with least investment. We are here to help our clients in creating an effective, relevant and powerful landing page that can maximize the conversions.
Contact Forms
Contact forms are a part of customer acquisition process. More the information, more personalized the content will be. Instead of using age-old contact forms, create contact forms which compel visitors to fill them. Digital Miles Group offers dynamic and creative services to acquire customers’ information.
Email Templates
E-mails shouldn’t annoy the readers. The subject line decides the open ratio of an E-mail. Our E-mail marketing experts customize the templates based on the target audience for B2B and B2C businesses. We also create templates compatible with Desktops and Mobile devices.
Banners with appealing images, promotional & killer content create an impression in the mind of the audience. Our creative team designs unique and phenomenal banners that can drive sales to your business.