Customer Marketing Trends – Customer is King

Customer Marketing Trends – Customer is King

Customer marketing is a process of retaining existing audience/customer.

Traditional marketing strategies were framed to find and explore new customer base rapidly whereas customer marketing is to retain the existing customers. According to some studies, it costs 6-7 times more in acquiring a new customer than to retain an old customer. The likelihood of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%, but to a new customer succeeds 5-10%. Many organizations have understood this fact and have started framing strategies to retain the existing customers. Whether your focus is B2B or B2C, customer satisfaction is incredibly important in retaining them.

The audience always responds positively to your products when they are heard and appreciated. Customer marketing trends can be briefly explained in the following ways.

  1. Whenever customers purchase your product, give them a variety of options like phone calls, emails, and live chats for connecting with your customer service. This will definitely make a customer feel heard. Appreciate both positive/negative feedbacks, humbly accept the negative feedback and assure working on the inconvenience. Promise to provide them with even better services next time on positive feedback.
  2. Uncap the potential of employees as marketing assets with hundreds of relevant customer and influencer connections. This will drive your company message forward, adding an authentic and trustworthy touch to your brand.
  3. Voluntary testimonials and references are more unbiased and transparent than marketing pitches. More than 60% of companies rely on testimonials for their customer marketing activities. Increase the quality of service and product to raise the voluntary testimonials.
  4. Understand the need and expectation of customers from the company by creating customer user groups and related events. This will help customers to know more about a company and in return, companies can extract valuable information and opinion from their customers.
  5. Faster and timely response to customer queries will increase business through advocate marketing. This accounts for one of the key features for effective customer marketing trends.

Cross-selling refers to suggesting related products to the existing customer. When done properly, they are mutually beneficial and provide maximum satisfaction to the customer. This will increase revenue without any extended cost of a multitude of marketing channels. All in all, it is necessary to keep up with the customer marketing trends to ensure better implementation of the same into the business.

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