Disrupting Business Models to Drive Growth with Innovation

Disrupting Business Models to Drive Growth with Innovation

Digital Miles Group develops highly engaging brand strategies to drive results through today’s digital imperatives. We’re ambitious multi-channel marketers and strategists driven by data. We look beyond ROI to understand our clients’ businesses and grow their profits. Our honest and transparent digital marketing work speaks for itself. We customize the service to each and every client, big or small based on their business objectives and goals. The robust strategies and foolproof methodologies that we frame and follow are innovative and always anticipate the intent of your customers and search engines.

We make our marketing process transparent, guiding the customer throughout and eliciting their opinions on things that matter. Our customer-centric approach makes us unique.

For us, digital marketing is all about clear business results and our long-term partnership with our clients. We will be your proactive digital advisors. When you partner with us, you’re choosing results-driven digital solutions that focus on the business goals and objectives that matter the most to you.

Digital Miles group is a powerhouse of technology and marketing strategies. We have a team of digital specialists, who are focused, determined, dedicated and committed towards the broad spectrum of client’s services.  Our clients will continue and will habituate to evolve with the combination of our unique and powerful strategies and creativity.

Digital Miles Group aids the clients to thrive in a connected world. We harness the combined power of data, strategy, creativity, and technology to deliver best to your business objectives. Our agile, interdisciplinary teams collaborate using their expertise in branding, design & development, customer retention managements, marketing automation, sales automation, demand generation, content and digital marketing such as SEO, PPC, and Social Media to drive measurable results for our clients.

Here are the deeper insights into the services we provide:

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the technology engineered for organizations to more effectively market on multiple channels online and automate repetitive tasks. If you are catering to a large clientele or handling numerous leads at once, you need to automate the verticals that part the customer’s journey in order to meet your deadlines and expedite your processes.

Content Services

We strategize and develop branded content for websites that is both SEO-friendly and quality-centric. The primary goal of our content services is to help you generate more conversions.

Delivering error-free content on par with global standards of language is important for a professional brand image. Typographical errors, grammatical errors, non-native language, and others can put a dent on brand building, given that the content is the primary focus of any marketing strategy. We provide 101 types of content based on the requirements of the client.

Demand Generation

Generating leads or demands might be an easy task for most companies. However, generating quality leads remain a challenge. We help our clients bring home the right kind of audience to help them shape their businesses and increase the ROI.


LinkedIn Strategy

We leverage LinkedIn’s power as a social network of more than 530 million users to help our clients generate useful leads, drive traffic, and boost revenue. LinkedIn can help you track even the largest companies in your niche and strike successful business deals with them.

Customer Experience Management

Bridging the gap between your brand’s perception of customer experience and the realities of customer experience is important to converting consumers into loyal customers and also increase ROIs and, consequentially, revenue. We offer customer experience management services and digital marketing consulting, Omni-channel journey designing, advanced customer analytics, and much more.

Brand Story Telling

Marketing is an art which should constantly be practiced by the businesses to reach their target audience with their products/services.Branding defines the future prospects of businesses. The story of the brand is one important thing that should be incorporated into every aspect of promotion. We create, compel and customize your brand’s story to perpetuate better connections with your audience.

Design & Development- Mobile, Web

We provide responsive design and development services of a website that is also optimized to mobile users. We have a group of dedicated designers and developers focused on delivering the highest quality design to our clients. We create sites that work and generate conversions.


Digital Transformation

For a more profound transformation of their businesses, companies need to adopt modern technology and marketing strategies. Under the aegis of this transformation, we offer services such as digital strategy and innovation, digital campaign management and etc.

  • Digital Strategy & Innovation

We experiment with new strategies and innovative methods that the client can use to achieve their business targets.

  • Digital Marketing Strategy

Our marketing strategy services use all the modern digital tools that will help you emerge as a competing digital marketing venture.

  • Digital Operating Model & Governance

Besides having a sound digital marketing strategy, you need relevant technologies, an operational model, and a set of governing rules for your business in order to frame, implement, and evaluate your core strategies.

  • Digital Technology Enablement & Integration

When clients do business with us, they are investing in cutting-edge technology for optimizing their businesses. These tech include, but aren’t limited to, Cloud and data analytics.

  • Digital Campaign Management

Not just limited to creating marketing campaigns, your organization also needs to know how to manage them. We offer services to manage – assess, evaluate, and modify – digital campaigns and make them work for your brand’s success.


Sales Automation      

Sales Automation is an integrated process incorporating several sales tools that effectively automate and streamline the entire sales process for increased efficiency and profitability. It not only analyzes the entire sales cycle but also find ways to increase the processing through every step in order to enhance the work-output.

We turn our expertise into intuitive digital experiences that increase our client conversions and drive sales, lead generation and efficiency for the business. 

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