A Four-Pointer Comparative Study between Digital Media and Traditional Media

A Four-Pointer Comparative Study between Digital Media and Traditional Media

With the continuous growth of the online marketing, brands have taken it to them to invest more and more time on availing these services. The main reason behind the constantly evolving popularity of the digital media is mainly because of the outreach and the wider exposure it provides the brand with. The traditional media is limited to the resources of just advertisements on the newspapers or television or other multimedia sources. These are often used but do not have the kind of impact that the online media has.


The very first aspect of comparison blooms from the outreach and the exposure that both of these media have. While the traditional media advertising reaches a very good portion of the population, it is often either limited to a certain area or certain country.

With the digital advertising, the outreach is on a global level, given the fact that the internet is spread around the entire globe and doesn’t concentrate on a single country or area.


Traditional media like newspaper or even radio or television advertisements cost a hefty amount of money and provides with a limited exposure.

Digital media is often either free, if promoted on the social media platforms, without any advertisements or cost a negligible amount of money. This often comes handy for the small businesses or start-ups that have a limited budget.


It is almost next to impossible to keep a real-time track of the effectiveness of the traditional media advertisement. The ads are published and that is the end of it because it doesn’t give any feedback on how the target audience might have perceived it.

The digital media, on the other hand, provides with easy ways to monitor the entire reach of the advertisement. The brands and companies can keep up with their campaign and plan their improvements, if any.

Engagement and presence

This is one of the most important areas of comparison. The engagement with traditional media is limited. It is not completely nonsensical but it is definitely not the best. The traditional media comes a lot in handy for areas which are devoid of any kind of internet connection.

The online media, on the other hand, has a wider outreach and helps in creating a better online presence. It creates better exposure and possibly a better market.

Traditional marketing strategies are almost old school and digital media is taking its lead with the passing days. Several of the companies are opting for ways to consolidate their place in the market with the evolving ways of digital marketing.

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