How to Link LinkedIn to your Business Strategy?

How to Link LinkedIn to your Business Strategy?

Have you ever thought why service sector companies value high? It’s all about their potential. LinkedIn is one such company which has a high net worth. With a network of more than 550 million professionals, it has a lot of potential to change the social networking/marketing scenario. That’s the reason behind the acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft Corporation at a whopping amount of $26.2 Billion.

B2B businesses and B2C businesses have been reaping many benefits from LinkedIn. Businesses can build brand awareness, generate leads, establish partnerships, and clinch deals. There are copious examples where LinkedIn marketing has played an instrumental role in business deals. So, businesses are advised to leverage LinkedIn in the best way. If you are a business looking to generate leads over LinkedIn, then follow these steps.

Introduce Yourself to LinkedIn family

Create your profile which showcases who you are and your whereabouts. Your profile should create a good impression among peers. Over the period, update it with achievements and noteworthy works. Create a profile of your company and ask your company’s professionals to join the movement. It creates a micro-network. This indirectly piles up the brand value. Provide all the information about the company, its objectives, and if possible, add testimonies.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

To increase the visibility, optimize your company’s LinkedIn page. This can be done by adding relevant keywords to the content. Be it on the LinkedIn or off the LinkedIn, optimization is a must. Link your business website to the company’s LinkedIn page to showcase your professional network. Redirect your LinkedIn followers to your business site from the content. Also, ask your company’s professionals to update their profile which should include details of the company. All the above mentioned things have their say in producing results for LinkedIn marketing.

Generate content to generate leads

Identify the target audience and work on the content. The sole purpose of content is to evoke reactions in your followers. So, share informative articles with your network. If the content is very impressing, then it will be shared with different groups by your followers. In this way, this improves your existential value in the LinkedIn family. Use multimedia content to convey your thoughts. It reaches faster than a 1000 word article. Encourage your staff to do the same. It helps in building brand value. Above all, goals of your company should be aligned with marketing content. So, use LinkedIn marketing as a point of contact for your prospective customers.

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