Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Why all this day to day fights in life? To earn respect in the society, right? Every human being tries to build and nurture good reputation in the society. Even companies, organizations, institutions strive to possess a good reputation in the market. This is the era of digital media; every organization wants to build their online platform/impression. It is very important to enable online reputation management to keep your business on the top.

A negative comment, low star rating, negative review by a set of audience on important commenting/rating platforms may drop your organization’s reputation drastically. So what are the aspects that keep you at the top of the profile of reputed companies? Here are few Digital Marketing strategies on how to integrate online reputation management into your business ideals:

  • A few years back companies were not engaging customers but just selling to a passive audience but the situation has radically changed. Regular interactions on social networks are important to any business. No matter the size of your business, audiences/customers are talking about your prospects, clients and potentially everyone. They are posting a Facebook update, comment on the blog, and tweet about your latest product.
  • Being transparent about your products is one way to possess good reputation in the market.
  • Allow your employees to talk about your products and services publicly.
  • Establish a one to one communication channel. Many small and medium-sized organizations do not invest much in communication, and they struggle with this concept.
  • Don’t hide the criticism, address it publicly.
  • Accept the mistake happened and give the compensation if necessary. Publicize the compensation rendered.
  • Everything we do online is recorded. So find appropriate tools to make sure this doesn’t harm us.
  • Keep auditing your social media posts. Remove/audit the older posts which may be irrelevant now.
  • Design and build a landing page in a manner to reduce bounce rate. A user must get impressed with the aesthetics of your landing pages. Place the audience reviews/ratings about your products visibly on landing pages.
  • Never ever engage with the detractors, don’t write back, and don’t post a comment. All this send more attention to the issue you don’t want to see.

“There is nothing such as “bad publicity” doesn’t work on digital platforms, so be aware before carrying out any stupid acts online. This is the pivotal reason why it is necessary to leverage Online reputation management into your marketing tactics.

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